Class Descriptions

Levels & Classes:

Gentle yoga assumes no experience, and some health conditions can be accommodated.

Beginner level assumes no experience. Some students like this level of instruction and stay at this level. it is advisable to take at least one full session of beginner yoga before moving on to the mixed level classes. Basic standing poses, seated forward bends and twists are learned as well as the foundations for the inversions. Please let Mary know if you have any health conditions or other concerns.

Mixed level 2/3
One session of beginner yoga is required before taking level 2/3.
Students in mixed level 2/3 are expected to know the shapes and basic entry and exits from the standing poses, and be aware of the foundational movements learned for all the poses at the beginner level, i.e. how to work the legs etc. We cover many more poses in greater detail at this level but poses can always be modified or a certain stage of the pose can be held rather than the final pose. Seated forward bends and twists, inversions and backbends are covered at this level, according to the experience of the student. Alternatives are offered where necessary. Women who are on their period or pregnant should advise Mary of this, and appropriate alternatives will be advised for contraindicated poses.

Mixed level 3/4
At least a year of Iyengar yoga instruction and strong practice is required for this class. All the asanas will be covered in more depth and proficiency in the practice of inversions is assumed.

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Mary often conducts special classes at other locations.

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