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Thursday 5:30-7 pm,  March 14, at North Woods Yoga Studio
Special Topic: Building Energy through Longer Holds in Asana

Most restorative asana is supine as some of this class will be, but we will also be doing asanas that can be held for longer than typical holds, and using that time to fortify basic strengths as well as finding a calm mind in the process. This practice will also be good for healing knees that need their supporting muscle groups strengthened. Itís open to all levels of students of Iyengar yoga, but will not be good for a first time student.

Cost $20 or a class punch plus $5.

Please email me if you would like to come or sign up at the studio. I will send out a newsletter Wednesday night to let you know if it is happening. After that drop-ins will be fine.

The price for these special topics classes is 1/$20, 3/$45. If you want to create a different package please talk to Mary. Normal asana classes cannot be used for these special topics classes.



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