Tuesday Special Topics Classes

These will be held every other week if there is enough sign-up. To register email Mary Reilly. Payment is separate from the regular classes and can be paid at the class.

All special topics sessions are $20, handouts will be provided.

Time of special topics sessions is Tuesday, 10:30-11:45 am.


Tuesday, January 11th: Building Better Balance. Learn to refine your sense of balance with special versions of asanas. All levels

Tuesday, January 24th: Yoga for a Healthier Lower Back. Asanas to do when your back is paining and asanas to keep it stronger.

Tuesday, February 7th: Yoga for Neck and Shoulders. How to use asanas to create space and free up mobility in the neck and shoulders.

Tuesday, February 21st: Yoga for Knees. Learn how asanas can relieve knee pain and help them to be more resilient.

March sessions will be announced in February.