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  1. Go to to download the free version of zoom to your device (iPhone, iPad, laptop, etc.). Don't worry that it says it's only for 40 minutes, that's for hosting.

  2. Buy classes at with the Zoom classes online payment form.

  3. Email Mary at and let her know which class you want and you are using, for example, "the 3rd class from your punch card of 8 classes."

  4. Mary sends you the link for that class, and you log onto zoom up to a half hour early and enter the meeting ID and password from the link and you are in!

  5. At first we can all hear each other and it's your choice whether the video is on you, but when class begins the class participants need to mute themselves so I can be heard. Otherwise the microphone switches to you when you make a noise. To not share video of yourself, just click on the icon of the video camera and it just shows your name. I would like to see you, though, and can give verbal adjustments sometimes.

  6. It's OK for two people to take the class from your single device, no need to use two classes.

  7. It's OK to change to another class, if you can’t attend for some reason, please just email Mary and let her know.


Wednesday October 7th, 8-9 am is the first of 4 Pranayama classes.  To join, email Mary and pay with by check ($50) or on the Zoom classes online payment form where you choose ‘other’ for payment to put that amount in.

New Zoom Schedule (Starting September 21):

9:30-10:45 am Level 2 and up

11:10 am -12:00 pm Primer for New Beginners  
New class, please pay under "Other" amount in the zoom registration online. Prices for this class (may be used either Monday morning or Thursday at 4 pm): 1/$15  4/$48 10/ $100

5:30-7:00 pm Level 3-4 Intermediate/ Advanced level 

9:30-10:45 am Level 2 and up

4:00 -5:00 pm Gentle Yoga (New) see prices above
5:30-6:45 pm  All levels (beginners welcome)

9:30-10:45 am Level 2 and up

Level 2 is experienced beginners. Mary will still offer alternatives and modifications of the asanas in all the morning 9:30am classes if you are feeling fine in those at present, no need to change.


The classes you buy from the website to use on Zoom will not expire before the end of the summer. You keep track of class usage yourself, (Mary recommends a sticky note on your computer as your ‘class card’). You need to request the classes you want by emailing Mary, (which is no problem) but you can also do it for the whole week at once and have all that week's codes available should you decide to join. Request classes saying for example, "I’m using class 4 of 8, as a way to keep count." Your classes are not counted by how many codes Mary sends you.

Classes are ‘mixed level’, so you need to take the offering or version of the asana that matches your experience level. It’s fine to try something new, if you go slowly and stay aware of your capacity.

You and the members of your household may use the same class punch to take class.

If you have been a student at northwoodsyoga and have lost your job, etc., please let Mary know and she can make the classes happen for you.

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